Things to Remember About RLT


•   People tend to forget to KEEP the rhythmical movement going as they relate their trauma.  RLT WILL NOT WORK WITHOUT THE ALTERNATING RHYTHMICAL MOVEMENT that stimulates the opposite sides of the body.  This movement causes the right and left hemispheres of our brain to communicate with each other.


•   Some people find it hard to believe that the simple RLT procedure can have such profound, positive and life changing results.  This book’s authors still feel amazed at how quickly, easily, safely, and effectively RLT works.


•   There is no “Eureka!” moment.  People realize they are healed from trauma the next time a trigger happens, but the trauma does not force them into a negative action.  Sometimes, people do not recognize that the trauma is no longer controlling their lives, even when it’s obvious to those who know them best.


•   People tend to forget that they can perform RLT on their own and that they do not need a helper.  RLT can be performed anywhere, at anytime.


•   You must work on each trauma, one at a time.  If you experienced four traumatic events in the past, then you must work on each of these, individually.  You can do this in one session, or in multiple sessions.  In a short time you will eliminate all traumas, and your confidence level will soar.


•   RLT will not heal character defects, personality disorders or other life problems.  You may also need conventional therapy.  Help clinics and therapy groups are great resources.


•   Your memory is not “washed”; traumatizing events are not erased from your memory.  You may feel sad when you recall the traumatic events, but you will not experience the uncontrolled thoughts or reactions that you did before.  Instead, you will be in control.  This is when you know that RLT has worked.


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