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Home page with links to Fast Trauma and Stress Relief and Ben's Story "Ben's  Story,  A  Child's  Healing  of  Fear"
   Story of Ben a 10 year old bing healed of his fear of dogs Fast Trauma and Stress Relief
    Main page with RLT procedure

   Psychological Trauma
            What is psychological trauma

            Definitions of special terms used

   Case Examples of RLT
             Case Examples where RLT was used and their lessons learned

   When to Use RLT
            Where and when to use RLT


   History of the RLT
             RLT history of development

   Things to remember
            A list of several items to remember when using RL

   Using RLT Spiritually
            Four special prayer that use RLT

   Your Future with RLT
            What the Future will be like with RLT everywhere

            Disclaimer for this website

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