Your Future With RLT



You now have all you need to experience relief from trauma and to heal yourself and others of trauma’s negative effects.  Except for one thing; your confidence in RLT.  You gain this through using RLT.  Some people, upon hearing about RLT, can use right it away.  Others use RLT after a helper shows them how, and still others use RLT after merely reading about it on a website or in a book.


Because RLT is a relaxing technique, and because it is so effective and easy to use, you can start with any trauma, great or small, and gain experience and confidence with the RLT procedure.  RLT has no negative effects.  The only one way to gain experience and confidence is to JUST DO I!


RLT is a life changing experience that saves lives, marriages and a world of suffering.




Practice RLT regularly so that when a traumatizing event arises, the idea to USE RLT RIGHT NOW will pop into your mind and you will prevent the entire trauma.


Share RLT with everyone. 



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