My Vision of the Future

For the

Right Left Technique (RLT)

CPR of Psychology


        I see school children everywhere learning the RLT butterfly and then practicing it all through every fire drill, earthquake drill and also practicing it in preparation for any scary event.

        I see recruits in every branch of the military being instructed in RLT as part of basic training.

        I see all military personnel using it during every mission debriefing.

        I see every Veteran Administration center, hospital, psychiatric ward, and out patient service for physical or psychic trauma using RLT.

        I see every fireman, policeman, hospital trauma team, rape crises center, domestic violence safe house personnel, marriage counselor, and pastoral counselor using the RLT whenever needed.

        I see victims on the witness stand boldly facing attackers, accurately remembering crimes calmly, and confidently under cross-examination (without being re-traumatized) in the retelling of their story because the trauma has been healed and they are using some form of RLT during the court room procedure to keep themselves relaxed.

        I see RLT being taught to the general public and accepted like CPR is today.  Trauma is so easy to get rid of that it does not make sense NOT to get rid of it and to prevent it.


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